About me

Hi there! My name is Ricardo Ordeñana, i'm 32 years old and i live in Nicaragua.

This is my personnel blog Moja Komnata [my bed-room], the only place where i rule and i can be myself and i can set my mind free.

I'm not a normal person, i never was i never will. I'm excentric, psychodelic, weird-o, wack-o, a freak... you get the point. The point is i'm different than you or anyone you know and that's good, just imagine a world where everyone were the same, i don't want to live in that world, do you?

I'm a fan of technology, i like computers and everything related to it [capitalizing videogames :P]. I do love free libre open source software filosophy.

As for my personality, i'm open mind and i do whatever i want, i think as long i don't hurt anyone i'm free to do everything i fucking want. You can contact me at vladof[alt]mojakomnata[dot]net