Tuesday, August 25, 2020

My new life in Los Santos

In trying times is hard to focus on things, learning new things or even trying to do the normal things you used to do. In my case, not surprisingly, I’ve been playing a lot of videogames, Grand Theft Auto online in particular.

I started playing GTA online last year on October, just after finishing the history mode, I had a lot of fun with Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Thing is I played casually online for a month and I stopped playing because of griefers, those players who just want to destroy your cargo or kill you just because, I even angrily uninstalled the game. Some months after that, I downloaded the game again and I was jumping from time to time into the game, mostly doing contact missions, just to avoid being inside lobbies with unsocial players. Sometimes I was inside a lobby just by myself, I didn’t know why or how but I used that to sell cargo from my Paleto bay bunker and sourcing/selling crates from my small warehouse.

Everything changed when I learnt how to get into a public solo lobby, where no one will be there to annoy me or even help me, I don’t need help from anyone lol That’s when I took GTA online more seriously, I started watching tutorials and guides to all the businesses, I started getting and upgrading MC businesses, I bought a second medium warehouse and I exchanged the small one for a medium warehouse too. Also, I started using wisely my money and avoiding esthetic stuff [like clothes or guns I won’t ever use], so I was just buying the most useful vehicles [like the Buzzard and good racing cars] and properties [and their respective upgrades].

Even when I’ve been playing a lot lately I’m not a rich player, I’ve never made it to 10 millions, the most I had is 8 millions. But I have been constantly making and investing money, so I have a lot of things now. I recently bought the Vehicle Warehouse, Arcade [on sale], the Akula [on sale], Deveste 8 [on sale], 3 sport classic cars [on sale], upgrades to my current businesses and yesterday I bought a Casino Penthouse. I already have a fully upgraded Nightclub and the Terrorbyte too, the Arena workshop, not to mention the 3 better Motor Club businesses [coke, meth and counterfeit cash].

With all I have now I can make 400k per hour easily, I’ve been doing 400k-1 million per day [depending on what I do] and I’m happy with that. Now I can enjoy more the game and doing extra activities and helping other players on missions or heists. In case you wonder I didn’t buy the Yacht, I’m not there yet lol
I started just with 173k [yesterday]

I ended with 2.1 million [yesterday]

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