Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Turing test

Lately I've been playing PUBG Lite, because it's free and it's still fun as its biggest brother.

As I mentioned previously, in the matches you will find bots and human enemies, but there are more bots than humans, at least in my experience. I'm ok playing against bots, it's good for practice and investing a little more time knowing the maps and gameplay mechanics, for beginners anyway. Though it may not be so fun for veteran players, who already know the game/maps very well, bots don't add much challenge after all.

Funny thing is, it's kinda exciting figuring out which enemies are bots or humans. Bots follow a pattern in certain circumstances, so you may guess they're bots. For example, bots never holster their gun while running [real players usually do it], they usually wear certain skins/costumes [not premium ones] and they never close the doors behind them [I was going to mention bots always stop for looting but real players do that too lol]. So for me it's exciting thinking if the steps I hear outside the house I'm hiding belong to just a bot or a experienced always headshot killing real player, it's actually kinda stressful, like a horror movie where you're being chased; but in this case you can be both the hunter and the hunted, both roles are equally exciting.

Anyway, it's tricky guessing which player is a bot or human. Once a real player tricked me, he [she?] was wearing a typical bot skin/costume and I felt over confident about taking him down but it didn't go as planned and he killed me. After he killed me I spectated his game and I'm totally sure he was a real player: he took cover, he was cautious, he drank energy drinks, he holstered his gun while running and he killed other enemies, both bots and humans, he didn't win though. And other times I've been in the middle of a gunfire, sometimes I won and others I lost, and in those cases it's hard to guess if I was killed by a bot or a real player, I mean because there were more than two enemies.

BTW the big brother PUBG has added bots to its servers, meaning more players can enjoy guessing if they're fighting bots or real players. I'm curious if someone is going to fake being a bot to trick other players lol And I understand PUBG streamers complaining about that, their audience want to see the best of them and killing a bot may look boring/not challenging. Besides adding bots means there are less people playing PUBG, though making smarter bots should make the game interesting/challenging.

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