Monday, April 13, 2020

Not staying home

While the whole world is staying at home and taking cautions, getting bored and anxious for the pandemic we're struggling with, I'm not obligated to stay at home. I mean, quarantine is not mandatory in Nicaragua, most people are being cautious though, also some businesses are taking precautions to protect their customers.

I'm personally taking precautions but I'm not using masks nor gloves, I'm keeping social distance and washing my hands, even more often I used to do.

Currently there have been 9 positive cases and 1 death according to MINSA [Health Ministery], but since information is very hermetic people, including me, suspect there are actually more cases but they don't say it. Also people suspect actual covid-19 cases/deaths will be disguised as pneumonia cases/deaths, again I also suspect that.

The government is only recommending social distance and constantly washing the hands, which I think is good but they should avoid promoting social concentrations [their usual political concentrations for example] and postpone classes for one month at least.

In a poor country currently in recession and a lot of unemployment, a mandatory quarantine will do a lot of damage to the economy but also sick people won't do much good to boost the economy either, the health system won't be able to handle a lot of infected people too, even USA is having trouble! Also, when the president doesn't say anything nor goes out, you really care about his leadership and it seems he doesn't care about the situation or maybe he minimizes it or he even doesn't know about it, you never know.

To finish, people here are really anxious about the pandemic [the lack of official communication doesn't help] and like a woman said in the supermarket: we're not going to die from the virus but we're going to end up crazy.

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