Monday, March 16, 2020

The last one standing

Since I heard about battle royale three years ago (with PUBG), I liked the idea: you and other 99 players get to an island and fight to death to be the only survivor, and you do it while the playable area is shrinking, which forces remaining players into close fights.

As usual, I only watched gameplays on YouTube and I enjoyed it. As I mentioned in other post, I don't buy new games because I can't afford it and I try to avoid online games because of their addictive nature. Not to mention I have a crappy internet speed and having lag drives me crazy, and not in a good way lol

The thing is, this year I finally got into BR, first with FreeFire on mobile, which I liked but mostly hated it. It amazes me the way free mobile games work, it's a micro-transaction travesty and they have lots of ads. I understand they have to make money somehow but it's ridiculous how they work. I would rather paying for the game than getting it free and be bombarded with lots of micro-transactions and ads, besides they artificially make the games harder (or grindy) so you get forced to pay to advance faster, or even pay to win. Anyway, I also didn't like it because it's really uncomfortable playing a shooter game on a touch screen.

Last year I heard of PUBG Lite but it wasn't available in Latin America by that time. Last month I found out it was available in this region, so I downloaded because it's free and I've been playing it since that time. I got some chicken dinners so far, though I've been playing against bots most of the time, I don't complain though, the BR experience is still there, but fighting real players is more challenging, I lost a couple of rounds to real players but I won other rounds too.

So, for now I'm addicted to this game, I've been playing 2 rounds per day (or per session), which is not much but still I'm leveling up in a constant way. BTW I bought the season pass, which totally worth it to earn cosmetics, best $ 5 spent ever.
Last chicken dinner I got

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