Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The hard lessons

This global pandemic took us all by surprise. No one was expecting something like this. As usual, these kind of situations always teach us something, and we can't forget about it after all this happens, because it's going to end, eventually anyway.

First of all, a committee or board should be created in every country to prevent or treat with more responsibility any future disease. Second, any politician who doesn't act on time and doesn't take the recommended actions should be accountable for his/her deeds.

Also, this is teaching us that working from home is doable for many jobs. Unless you work in services, where you have to cook, talk, interact or deliver something to the client, you have to be physically there. Telecommuting should be the norm from now on, even training [for a job] could be done by chat or video chat [I know some companies in some countries do this now, my point is it should be more widely practiced in the world, even in developing countries].

Following the previous topic, everything should be digital. For example, what I like from Steam is I can buy a game and play it after downloading it, or download it later if I want to. I don't have to go out and wait in long lines [for new games], or even waiting more if the game is sold out. I mean: RIP Gamestop lol This has to be more flexible though, there has to be rules so nor the provider or client can't take advantage of the service, it would be complicated at first but it would be normal after people get used to it.

So, what should be digital?

  • School and college can totally be digital, cheaters will always cheat anyway.
  • Money, why using physical money [bills, coins and checks] these days? just use debit/credit cards and do payments with bank transactions. How kids will buy things if they can't access to a debit/credit card? How people with bad credit record will use a debit/credit card? I'm sure there will be a solution for these and any cases when the time comes. And also they have to be more secure.
  • Movies should be available on demand when released, a digital movie theater experience, if you want to watch it again, you pay again [but on launch time only]. Movie theaters can still exist for those wanting the movie theater experience I suppose. BTW congrats to Universal studios for their decision to stream some films in these hard times.
This is just an example of services going digital, I'm sure many other services can go digital and not affecting people current jobs. Also, I know you can do some of the things mentioned before and more in developed countries, it's just I wish they become available around the world.

Edit: this crisis is also teaching people to be more hygienic and wash their hands often. I used to do that before this, that's why I rarely get sick.

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