Monday, June 3, 2019

You can't fish a troll

Internet is amazing, you can meet people around the world. But people, are still people. I always had trouble meeting people, because most of the times you don't know what they really want/think.

Recently a woman contacted me on Twitter. I thought it would be nice chatting with a woman from the States but as soon as we started chatting I kinda knew something was off.

As I mentioned before I have a girlfriend, I'm happy being with her and we expect to level up our relationship. I don't have the need to look for other women, and if I ever get "bored" or I don't want anything with her for whatever reason, I would finish my relationship with her, there's no need to cheat or continue with her in a crappy, full of drama relationship.

The thing is this woman asked me to chat on Hangouts, I found that odd. She told me it would be a romantic thing to do for her. For chatting on Hangouts I'd have to give her my email address, that's why I refused. When she noticed I wasn't going to chat on Hangouts she just stopped asking that. Apparently she was looking for someone to start a relationship, and even when I told her I have a gf she insisted on having something with me. She said repeatedly I was handsome and funny. She realized I wasn't going to fall on that bait, so she said we could be "besties" [better friends], I answer that I could be that. We chat some, and suddenly she told me she had to pay internet bill in order to finish a task from her job: she asked me to lend her money. Obviously I refused, surprisingly she insisted and she even got mad about it lol I mean, what kind of person asks for money to someone he/she just met?

Chatting with that woman was quite an experience, if it was even a woman lol BTW the twitter account was deleted, I checked.

I guess that's how these thieves try phishing people on internet. They look for easy prey, lonely people who want to have friends or relationships or just be part of a group or something. I don't know what's more amazing though: the phishers or the phished. How can you fall on that? How much desperate you have to be to fall on that?

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