Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Old gaming

Yes, I'm 33 and I'm a little old but I'm not talking about age here. I'm not talking about retro gaming either. I'm talking about playing PC games released a few years ago, like 4 years ago or older.

I have limited resources [sorry for rubbing my poverty on you lol] so I cannot buy games at launch price, I just can't. So when buying games I tend to buy old but good games. Though I have to say, I kinda feel bad for not playing games when the hype is high but it doesn't stop me to actually enjoy the game.

Another reason why I don't play new games [even one year after being released] it's because PC gaming requires to have good and fast hardware. Right now my gaming PC is actually great, excepting the graphics card, which is an AMD RX 560. This graphics card is great for gaming at 1080p medium/high graphics at 60 fps, at least for the games I play, but it isn't that good for last year or games released this year [the demanding ones anyway]. I want to upgrade to an RX 580 but I don't like those long cards, though there's one MSI model that's not that long and it looks nice too. I may get that one later this year.

Anyway, I think playing old games is fun, you get to play games you couldn't at that moment because of time or whatever, you usually find those games at cheap prices [specially on sales], the games are more polished [meaning few bugs if any at all], there are old games with still active community/players too [if you're on coop/multiplayer], there are old games still being supported, your cheap PC will be able to run those games with good graphics too, heck even potato PCs can run old games lol.
 Blue chick alien, because why not [Mass Effect 3]

 Alice and her twisted mind [Alice madness returns]

Getting some Moxxi's rewards [Borderlands 2]

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