Monday, May 13, 2019

Emulating games

I've been using old console emulators for years now. I've been using them from time to time to play Nintendo 64 and PlayStation [1] games, mostly because those emulators run on any hardware. I didn't have powerful hardware few years ago to try and play on other emulators, and because such emulators weren't that good either back then. These days I'm playing Gamecube, Sega Dreamcast and Play Station 2 games, because my actual PC allows me to.

Anyway, I didn't give it too much thought until last year actually, when Nintendo took down some webpages with [game] roms from various Nintendo consoles, old consoles you can't buy anymore I may add.

I think that it shouldn't be illegal to download and play old games that you hardly and possibly can't get. I understand that those games have copyrights but as long anyone isn't getting a profit from them, there shouldn't be any problem. Also, those games already made the profit they were going to make, just saying.

I understand that Nintendo has a "Virtual Console" inside their newest consoles, including Wii, Wii U and Switch. The list of games consist of games released on older consoles and even hanheld devices. That's probably why Nintendo is after those websites hosting Nintendo game roms, they probably don't want to lose revenue and also they want to protect their IPs.

Although, Nintendo doesn't have the rights to offer some old games in its Virtual Console. That's why the NES, SuperNES and PlayStation classics didn't feature too many games, they can't feature games they don't have the rights to. Besides, some of those old games developing companies don't exist anymore.

Whatever, I know piracy is something you can't take lightly. I'm playing games without buying them. But as I said, those games already made the profit they were going to make and I can't buy them new because they don't make them anymore, nor the consoles. If Nintendo, Sony and/or Microsoft made an online store [for PC] where you can buy the games of their older consoles and play them, believe me I'm gladly would be buying them. BTW Xbox One has made a great job with backwards compatibility of Xbox 360 games.

PS: you can tweak emulated games to run better than they did on their respective consoles, if you have a decent PC.
 1080 Avalanche

Mario Kart Double Dash 

Soulcalibur II

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