Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cheating is for pussies

Today's big problem in online games is cheating. Developers make their best to create/implement anti cheating methods but people still find a way to cheat.

I think people cheat because they like cut corners, because it's easy earning XP and leveling up, it's easy to rank up and getting better scores. Like in life in general, a lot of people like the easy way, the easy path and they take it.

I still wonder why people cheat though, if you're bad at some game, why do you play it? why don't you spend time to learn the mechanics and gameplay of any given game? This mostly happens in shooter games but it also happens in other genres. It's a practice I dislike with a passion. If you're bad at a game, just practice more, if you can't get better at it, just don't play it.

A funny thing is, there will be always someone in a server with insane skills and he/she will be accused of cheating, just because that person has really good skills.

I'm glad game makers continue to create tools to detect cheaters and banning them, as they rightly deserve it.

Also, I dislike about cheating in relationships. I strongly believe that if you don't feel fine in a relationship you talk about it with your couple, if you can fix it, great, if you can't fix it you better go on different ways.

Each case is different, but mostly people cheat because of the way that other person make them feel. Perhaps he/she gives them more attention, love, sympathy, make them laugh or just a great fuck lol

Anyway, if you're a player, either man or woman, just don't go hurting other people. Be open and let them know you just want them for sex, company, interest or whatever but don't offer love when you can't fulfill your promise.

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