Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A chinese tale

My first phone was a Huawei [the first I paid with my own money anyway], and it wasn't one of the high end models, it was a cheap and affordable model. I think Huawei it's a great alternative for people on third world countries with low incomes, the budget models though, the high end models are still expensive.

The news about Google shutting down business with Huawei really surprised me, specially because of all the possible implications. My gf has a Huawei phone and she's worried about not getting future updates, because for current users that's the bigger concern. Her phone is some years old and she's replacing it soon, so perhaps she won't have to deal with apps not being updated.

According to US government [the one who spies on every country] China is spying US companies and people through Huawei devices [smartphones, tablets, laptops and specially routers]. So far they haven't presented evidence of such argument. It's most likely to be a way to put pressure on Chinese government, due to the trade war between the two countries.

Currently, Huawei is the second smartphone manufacturer worldwide. Due to being blacklisted [effectively sanctioned] to do business with US companies, its future doesn't seem too bright. If this continues, Huawei sales will be damaged, but we don't know how much. In China, Huawei phones are sold without Google services already, but it's because the latter doesn't operate in China. So, Huawei could still find a market for their Googleless phones, but it's a herculean task that even Huawei will struggle to do, and it may or may not succeed after all.

I think spying on their citizens, it's a government's wet dream, they all do it to some extent, some more than others, but they don't like it when it's other government who does it. I believe that, if in fact China was truely spying on US companies and people through Huawei devices, the sanctions would be against China's government and not just against a company that happens to be successful and growing fast, and also Chinese. If a group is attacking you, why just denounce one member of them? It doesn't make sense.

Let me know what you think.

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