Monday, April 22, 2019

Self updates

I kinda feel bad I didn't write any post on february and march, though I actually had a lot of work to do, I worked in two part time jobs in those 2 months. Anyway, I did have time for writing but I didn't. Whatever, here I am again.

Though I was busy in previous two months, april has been a slow working month, I only have one part time job, which isn't enough to cover my expenses/bills but I've been using money from my last [full time] job liquidation [or whatever is the right term in english].

I've been particularly gaming a lot at nights, this last week I had some free days and spend a big chunk of time gaming. Also, I did finish a couple of games in the time I was absent, I still have to write reviews about them. BTW the games I finished are: Test Drive Unlimited 2, Homefront, Borderlands The Presequel [I really enjoyed it] and Sanctum 2. Besides, I've been also playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, games you don't technically finish, besides the developers keep adding new stuff.

On a sad note, my cat Koli died, I really felt bad about it, I still feel bad about it. I think it was my fault, I didn't take him sooner to the vet but I never thought he was that sick. It's been one month since he died and I haven't forgiven myself for not taking him in time to the vet. It may sound weird [since I'm very cold] but I cried for him, it really hurt me and I was kinda losing my mind but I feel better now. I still have to take care of Sasha, my other cat. BTW next 2 days after Koli died, Sasha apparently was looking for him, meowing calling for him, it really was moving, I think we both miss him.

To finish, I've been looking for full time jobs, I went to 2 interviews, they didn't call me after. I will keep looking, I know I can find some job. Although, I'm exploring options to make my own bussines or to invest some money. We'll see what happens, I'm optimistic about it.
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