Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New year's goals

I was pointed out that it's not good making resolutions but making goals with set schedules or deadlines, and that's what I will try to do, though for some goals I cannot make deadlines because it depends on other things like money and how the current political/social/economical crisis evolves here in Nicaragua.

So let's start with the list, in no particular order:

  • Finding a job [because I started the year unemployed], but not a conventional one. I rather a set of online jobs [or gigs as they call them] than a regular job. I have until January 31st to do this.
  • Mastering English language. As you know English is not my native language and while I know a lot by now, I want to speak it fluently and write it with better grammar and punctuation. Besides I want to get a certification, which will cost me money, but I want to have it, for self-steem and pride you know. I will look for a certification after June if possible.
  • Learning more Russian. I did learn some russian almost 10 years ago, I learned enough to have a basic conversation back then and while I remember a lot of words I want to know more, I want to reach a conversational level, both speaking it and writing it. I already can read russian which is great but I need to learn more words. This will be an ongoing learning throughout the year.
  • Making my kitchen better. I live in a small apartment that has a kitchen area, I have the basic things but I want to make a better kitchen, for example I don't have a blender and some tools to cook. This goal depends on money, so I will be buying things as money allows me to, of course I'll be saving money when possible.
  • Getting a bigger display for my gaming/entertainment PC. I actually have a 22" 1080p display for my gaming PC and a 20" 900p display for my working PC. Last year I had a 40" TV but my cats broke it, since then I've been wishing a TV but I think I'll be getting a big display instead, because the image quality is much better than connecting your PC to a TV. I already selected a 27" display for that, it's IPS and with small bezels, so it'll be good for gaming and watching movies/series. This also depends on money.
  • Upgrading my gaming PC. My actual gaming PC has an AMD A10 7800 and 8 GB of RAM, the processor is a little old and while it can run games good it's showing its age. So I want to build a Ryzen gaming PC with a better CPU and more cores. I'll buy parts separately as money allows me to, I expect to build it by my [real] birthday on November.
  • Giving the next step in my relationship. I have 2 years with my girlfriend now and we're planning on giving the next step. We are committed to our relationship and we think we have to start looking further. Next thing is "fiance" stage, I gotta put a ring on her first though lol Though that's not usual here, but I kinda want to. In this case I gotta find the best moment possible and get the ring too, which isn't cheap.
So, these are my goals for this year, I sincerely think i can accomplish them and I will do my best to make them a reality.

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