Tuesday, December 18, 2018

New case

So, even when I'm in austerity I went to this tech store looking for a power supply, because my gaming PC needs a better one, the one I have is old and it doesn't have 80+ certification. Though it seems better than a generic one.

The thing is I saw a slim case, which I inmediately liked and I bought it. As my girlfriend says: you won't have clothes to wear nor food to eat because of spending in computer parts lol

When I bought the low profile graphics card, my intention was getting a slim case. I did want a DELL or HP one, because those cases are great quality but I didn't have time to look for one and I would have compatibility issues probably. Instead I got this cheap but looking good one, it cost me U$ 37, which isn't expensive but I shouldn't spend money on that because the already mentioned austerity. Whatever, I'm getting that money back somehow.

I put my Ryzen system in there, all parts fit just fine, the micro ATX motherboard, the low profile gpu and the SFX power supply. The hard drive and ssd fit fine too. I'm pretty happy with the new case and how it looks on my desktop.

PS: I didn't get the power supply, I haven't decided which one to get, my options are pretty limited in this market.

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