Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The ranger game

Last weekend I finished another game, this time was Shadow of Mordor. The game is almost 4 years old but it's still good, still looks great.

I have to say the game it's fun, it has a fun gameplay, good controls [I played it with PS4 controller], it has great graphics and an interesting story. Though that story has things from the movies, for better or worse.

Being an action RPG game it is long enough, I spend around 30 hours to complete it and I did collect all colectibles and fully upgraded the 3 main weapons, meaning I did some side missions to upgrade them. There were some side missions I didn't though, the missions where you help the human slaves, who cares about them anyway lol

It's the first time I play a game based on The Lord of the Rings movies/books, it's the first time I have the opportunity to fight against orcs and uruks, it was damn fun, I never thought that beheading uruks was so fun.

Anyway, the funniest and more satisfying part is when a damn uruk kills you several times, they remember you, they rank up, they grow stronger, they get cocky, all thanks to the Nemesis system. I mean, it's not satisfying being killed by the same nasty uruk, it is satisfying getting revenge and killing that gross uruk. I surely felt great taking revenge against them.

BTW this uruk killed me like 7 times, after the first time he killed me I rushed to find him to get revenge and I did find him... and he killed me again, and so forth. You learn to hunt them, to know their weaknesses, to use the environment and your skills to kill them. When I finally killed him I was so pumped, it was actually rewarding.

The game is a little old but great, if you haven't played it yet and you like The Lord of the Rings movies you should consider to get it, it's cheap on sales.

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PS: I played the whole game as Lithariel, I like to play with a female character whenever possible, sorry main character guy named Talion lol

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