Monday, November 26, 2018

One year older

This year I hit 33 years, which makes me feel old and also reminds me I have to change About me section.

While every year I tend to celebrate and enjoy my birthday as much as I can, this year has been different, I don't have much money, I'm losing my job soon and I don't feel good to celebrate with this political crisis here in this country.

Anyway, my birthday was last November 9, I had a delicious lunch with my girlfriend. Besides that, I didn't do anything else.

Since I'm in austerity I didn't spend a lot of money as last years, still I got myself a cheap SSD and a cheap graphics card for my working PC, because now I'm using my old PC for gaming and my new one for working since I need a faster PC for working fast.

I'm trying to be positive about it, my personal situation isn't that worse as others, I don't have mouths to feed [other than my 2 cats] and I'm healthy, meaning I'm able to work even on hard physical jobs if I have to.

Whatever, here are some pics of my self gifts.

PS: I kinda feel I haven't achieved much by my age, I was kinda aslept for some years and I'm trying to make it up for all that time lost, I'm getthing there, I'm doing my best for getting there.

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