Friday, November 30, 2018

Off with their heads

If you know about what's going on in Nicaragua, you know it's been a hard situation. What started as the "solution" for avoiding social security bankrupt, it was actually its doom. People didn't like the changes so they spoke about it, the government [which doesn't like being criticized] send people [thugs] and the police to stop demonstrators for expressing their discomfort with the changes, we know what happened after.

In life, some people who do bad things think they won't pay for their bad actions, or they actually can't see their deeds as bad so they think they don't deserve to be punished. It's practically a psycopath/sociopath behaviour.

Last tuesday 2 big personalities responsible for human rights violation [including the Vice President of Nicaragua, President's wife btw] were sanctioned by the US government, I really didn't see that coming. But I think they totally deserve it, one of them in particular allowed the police to act with extreme force against the opposers and said horrible things against the opposition.

This act shows them they can be punished too. This act shows them they're accountable for their actions, that their actions have clear consequences for the people and the country. It also tells them that their actions won't be forgiven, that there will be consequences for themselves too.

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