Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Not a classic

So, next week on december 3th new PlayStation classic will be released but there are already reviews about this little console. And so far, it doesn't look that good.

I have to say I didn't own the original PS [I did have a Nintendo 64 though] but I had the chance to play some games on PS back then, by that time those games looked great, I mean way better that Super NES anyway and just as good as N64. And there were a lot of titles I wanted to play by that time.

Sadly this little console doesn't have enough good games to start with, only 20. And those games don't look as good as they did back then, I mean we have seen better looking and detailed games, looking back at those old games it's not so appealing. Whatever, I wonder if Sony is planning to add more games in the future, who knows.

Other thing is the 4:3 format, modern displays and TVs use 16:9 ratio so it doesn't look good with black bars to each side.

Some time ago I used to play emulated PS games with ePSxe [mostly Rival Schools fighting game], I have to say games looked a little better than running on original PS. There you can configure the graphics, enhancing the antialiasing, anisotropic filtering and resolution. Also you can use any controller you want or keyboard if that's your thing. I remember audio wasn't good in some games though.

I think Sony should have enhanced the looking of the games by adding widescreen support and better antialiasing, and probably added more games. We'll see how well this little console sell.

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