Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hi... again

As it has happened before, I spent some time without posting something here. I don’t know why I cannot avoid that behavior. Anyway, I think it’s because now I keep myself way busier than before, I mean between working, studying, gaming and spending time with my gf I don’t have much time left. Not to mention I started doing exercises because I’m a little overweight lol and for health too.

I actually like posting my thoughts and things I do here, so I’ll try to do that more often.

Although, there is an actual economical and political crisis where I live (Nicaragua) so my mind is on the edge now, not knowing what’s going to happen, not knowing if I will outlive this situation. I hope so, I’ll do my best (and even my worst if needed) to survive this.

In hard times it’s better to focus on something, otherwise you may lose your mind, and I’m focusing on my job, pending videogames to play and my relationship with my partner. And no, I’m not seeing the other way, nor won’t I see the other way, when so many injustices are done around me.

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