Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The bully of Nicaragua

What a bully do? A bully will hit you just because, a bully will steal your launch money just because, a bully will torment you just because. They will make your life miserable.

But also, a bully is a coward, a bully is someone with [psychological] problems, a bully is someone who uses his strength or size against you [as a coward would do].

But most importantly, a bully is someone who gets defeated when his victims stand up, his victims will win because they're right, because they have the high moral ground, because they were unjustly abused.

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo are both Nicaragua's bullies, their government have killed over 80 people now [including teens], their government is repressing people through the police and paramilitary groups, they hit, they capture and hit, they put in jail innocent people. They control everything in Nicaragua, their party controls every public institution, they respond to their "comandante", they want a dictatorial state, just like Cuba. They believe they own Nicaragua, they want to own Nicaragua but they won't do it.

The people have taken the streets, they're protesting, they're demanding justice for the murdered innocent ones, they're demanding for a free, just and democratic country and i'm sure they'll get it, i'm sure we will get it.


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