Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Of shootings and their motives

I'm always surprised when i listen of massive shootings in USA, you expect to see these events in poor countries (like where i live) but not in developed countries. Shockingly, it mostly happens in USA, you get to wonder why, what's wrong in that country?

While it's sad that these kind of events happen, there is a side i like to explore [and i'm sure i'm not alone in this], i like to wonder why the subject performed such cruel and coward action. Because it's not only cruel, it's also coward, it's like taking a shortcut to a problem and to being famous in the end.

So, why these young people do it? I'm no expert but i think one of the reasons they do it it's because of frustration [for not mentally ill people anyway]. Frustration can cloud your vision, it will turn you bitter, angry and eventually violent. For some people this world demands a lot, some parents can demand a lot [or totally neglect their child] and you get this immature mind trying to figure out its place, its belonging in this sad crazy world, they just lose their minds.

In general, society dictates what you have to do in life, in every stage of your life. It's hard to keep up society expectations, your family and friends expectations. You may be a good girl or boy but it just takes one bad action and you're criticized, you're seen as a bad person. So, there are people who keep up to most expectations, people who give a fuck about expectations and people who want but cannot do well enough, these people can eventually hurt themselves or someone else somehow.

I'm not trying to excuse anyone, i'm just saying kids and teens need more following, from their teachers at school and their parents at home. Kids, teens, young ones and adults need to be told that's ok not to do something they're supposed to, that's ok to skip something they don't want to do. And it's always recommended to listen to troubled people, you never know what's inside other people's mind.

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