Thursday, May 24, 2018

Australia against happiness

So, i heard that Australia is banning the video game We happy few, which is set on a dystopian society.

The game reminds me of a book i read last year Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. It was interesting, while i like some things from that dystopian society i didn't like others. For example, why breeding people when you can build robots [or even droids] who will work more efficiently, not complaining and more obedient? At least obedient until they question if they exist, what's the reason of their existence or if they even have a soul lol that's the moment when human's doom start.

Whatever, as in the book, in the video game the inhabitants of that society are exposed [meaning using] to a drug that make themselves "happy", hence the game's name. The Australian Classification Board doesn't like the use of drugs in video games, so the game won't be available in Australia, not legally anyway, i'm pretty sure you could get it in Steam through some VPN service; though i think that would be a crime, it's funny what kind of things can make you a "criminal".

Over the years i heard how many games have been banned in Australia, so it's on my no-to-go list of countries to visit, i couldn't afford it anyway lol Anyway, it seems Australia tries to be a perfect country [utopia or dystopia, i don't know], don't be surprised if they start putting something in the water [again meaning some drug to numb your mind].

Read the article from PC Gamer if you're interested.

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