Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Farewell, my hero

The first news that i received this morning really shocked me, i never expected it. Of course i never met this man in person, but i did know his work, his really impressive and mindblowing work.

I bet you heard about his death too, I'm talking about Professor Hawking, he was such a unique man, i'm sure he inspired a lot of people to pursue science, to challenge science.

He surely inspired me, i'm not a scientist though, but i know a little bit about our universe, it's really interesting and amazing, it's something we all should know, at least the basics, we all are part of this universe after all and understanding our place in it, it will help us to get us into the future, to survive.

I really felt sad, i thought who will be leading us into the future now? Granted, he wasn't doing any tangible work per se, not like Elon Musk for example, but Hawking's theories and studies surely made an impact on science, on understanding our universe and as i stated before, knowing our universe will allow us to survive longer than our planet, if possible.

I'm sure he's resting now, humanity will miss him, farewell my hero.

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