Saturday, February 3, 2018

And once again, one more time, I'm bak

Hi, I didn't see you there, or didn't you see me here i think.

It's been a long time, almost 3 years!!! It wasn't actually a bad time for me, i wasn't down, i was busy getting up, going up. I've been working hard, overcoming some things, improving myself, becoming a "better" man [bad or good is subjective] for my own benefit of course, i don't have to change for someone else [noone should anyway].

As always i keep playing videogames, or gaming as it's known nowadays. I'm actually consider myself a gamer, not because i want to feel part of that community [i don't belong to any group] but because i like gaming, though my actual selection and taste of games have changed. I don't have time for RPG nor puzzle games anymore, i want and look for some quick action, not long game to play. So i mostly play some action and racing games, i'm actually focusing on racing games, i mean i can play some few races when i have the time and i'm not worried nor anxious about what's coming next, i know it will be just more tracks. Though, i've been playing some sim games, which require some extra time from my part to actually get further. I've been playing American Truck Simulator, nice game BTW, i play it with my Steam controller with gyro activated, i use the gyro feature to turn my truck in game, it's actually fun driving this way.

In this time i built 3 computers, i sold my AMD FX 8 cores machine to get into mini itx builds, i love small form factor builds and computers but i had bad experiences with them, not that bad though, it's just i'm kinda obssesed with cpu and motherboard [chipset] temps and mini itx's chipsets get hot. I did have 3 mini itx PCs, one of them was actually very cool but it was because it was a lowend PC with a lowend chipset [it was a system with AMD Athlon 5350 on AM1 platform in case you wonder]. The other 2 PCs were in FM2+ platform, i loved them but they always got hot [the motherboards anyway] while gaming so i always felt uncomfortable about it. Right now i have a Ryzen system, which i built just this week, last monday to be exact. This time i got a micro atx motherboard which works really fine [when it comes to temps] and the performance of the whole machine is great, it's the most powerful PC i've ever had, i'm really happy with it.

Changing of subject, i have some plans for me in the near future, plans for this blog. I want to post more, giving my opinion on actual things, things noone has the balls to say. But i want to contribute for the best, not for the bad.... but again, bad or good is subjective, what's good for the spider, it's a horror for the fly.

To finish, some hardware porn, because come on, i know you love it, you perverts.
She likes to be naked and show off her circuits 

Open bench on a budget lol

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