Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm back.... once again

Hi there, i'm back once again. Nope, i was not dead [obviously], i was not in jail nor escaping from justice either, i was just sort of living and dying at the same time, yeah it's complicated, nothing is normal with me lol

Life is certainly something complex and i was somehow making it easier for me, perhaps not easy but tolerable. I was just living my own life and not caring about everyone else life. But we humans are social beings [i don't like it but it is that way] and some of our interactions affect each other, if not most of them. I just can't live apart and pretend nothing is happening in this sad crazy world, i'm not empathetic though, so it's hard for me. I'm actually antipathetic, i practically cannot feel pitty about someone else, why i would do that? Either way i'm eager to help anyone who asks my help, as long that person does not take advantage of me.

Anyway, i finally left my mom's house, i live by my own now, i feel great about it. It's so good to be independent, i'm the only one who lead the way, my own way. I continue gaming, i think is somthing i will do until my life's sunset, i totally enjoy gaming, it's fun and it makes me to forget about problems and release everyday stress. BTW i built a new gaming machine, i sold my former gaming pc and now i have a mini itx gaming pc, which it's so cool!!! i'll upload pics later.

Love is still away from me, yeah i do have a lady friend with benefits but it's not the same, i want a partner, someone to share, hang out and live together. I don't want romantic love, that's shit, i do want a partner to grow, share and fulfill my dreams and hers too, helping each other in daily tasks and having future plans in common. But as always, i'm asking too much.

To finish, it still surprises me how stupid people are, or how religion makes them so stupid. It's 21th century ladies and gentlemen, you cannot continue believing that nonsense, you don't live in caverns anymore, open your mind and embrace what's outside, this wonderful world and universe. They say god is love/peace but i fail to see love/peace among those who believe, i just see hate, confrontation and war. Religion is certainly outdated, it has no use anymore and i'm sure it's going to be just another myth very soon :)

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