Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm back... once more

Hi there, after a long time i'm back again.... i hope staying for this time hehe

A lot of things happened to me since my last post, the most important of them is my grandmother's death, she passed away 2 months ago. She was the one who took care of me as a child so it was very touching. Still i'm a practical/pragmatic human being, no need to mourning, life continues after all. Mmm but i gotta say i will always remember her and all the things she taught to me.

In gaming news, i left gaming... for just one month though, now i'm gaming my ass off lol i kinda regret leaving gaming, i'm so glad gaming again.

I still have the same job, i haven't quit yet, i'm a total coward. I mean coward because i'm afraid of being unemployed for a long time, i don't like this job but it's something i have for sure, it helps me to pay the bills after all. But sooner than later i'm getting another job, where i'll be comfortable and have peace of mind.

Also related to gaming, i upgraded memory RAM of Kalashna [my gaming PC] to 8 gb ram. Previously it just had 4 gb memory ram and games run great, but now with more memory games run great and they have plenty of memory to use, OS overall works better with more memory, no more bottlenecks, specially with these moderns memory-hungry web browsers.

Well, i think this is good just for coming back. I still have a lot to say, i'll be doing that more often, until then later :)

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