Sunday, January 12, 2014

New graphic card

Hi there, as the title says i got a new graphic card, not the best out there but it does a great job. It's a MSI Nvidia Geforce GTX 650, i actually wanted a GTX 650 Ti but it wasn't available at the moment i got this.

Anyway, its specs are the following:
MSI Geforce GTX 650 Overclocked
GPU Clock: 1072 MHz
Memory size: 2 GB GDDR 5 [5000 MHz]
Memory bus: 128 bit
Interface: PCI Express 3.0 [though my motherboard only supports PCI Express 2.0]

It does have a lot of great features, for example Nvidia Kepler architecture, PhysX, Nvidia adaptive vertical sync just to mention some of them. The card performs great, besides at its side it's my old EVGA GT 545 graphics card which handles physics in PhysX enabled games, all of my games are running better now and i'm glad of that.

With this card i said goodbye to scaling the resolution, all games run in my display's native resolution [1600x900] but sooner than later i'm getting a full HD display and i'm sure this card will handle it just fine. Yes i know in PC gaming the new [and great] boy is 4k displays but i'm a budget gamer you know, so i'll wait for that, full HD should be good for me, at least for now.

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