Sunday, November 17, 2013

Still alive... once more

Hi there! it's been a long time again, this time longer than before, it feels good to be back here once again :)

As always i've been thinking a lot and doing... well nothing, but still i managed to do some things, not big ones but something.

You know as a child i always got amazed watching kung fu movies, how they fought and the cool stunts they performed, of course some/most of them are impossible to do but when you're a kid these kind of things blow your mind. So, since i'm still alive and young and strong i want to learn kung fu, obviously i'm not becoming the ultimate kung fu warrior but i want to learn the basics, strengthen my body and my mind too. You know i'm not social so i should be learning online, reading and watching videos, i already started to fortify my body, soon i'll start learning basic moves, mostly related to defense. I do like kung fu shaolin, its discipline, its routine and its story, so i'm going through that path.

Changing of subject, recently i bought some cool stuff for my PC, besides if everything goes as planned i should be building my gaming computer next month, i'm so excited about that. This gaming computer is a budget build, it won't be the last kill gaming PC but it will do its job. My actual computer it's not the best but i'm able to play modern games decently, after all it's not just hardware, of course a high end CPU or GPU performs super great but if you get a medium CPU/GPU and you tweak it and all the system (BIOS, OS) together you get a decent gaming machine, it won't run graphics on ultra but both games and framerates will still run great.

To finish, i like freedom, i do like my freedom, i have freedom in this country, but people in other countries don't have it and i'm glad people in other countries are gaining their freedom. Though i'm concerned that people in my country and arround the world are losing their freedom, i don't tolerate that. See when you tolerate the intolerance ugly things happen, the thing is you may not care about people losing their freedom in other countries, i'm very narcissist and egocentric but even being like that i'm able to put myself in their shoes, those people are suffering, being alienated and even killed or going strangely missed. Today they lose their freedom, tomorrow it'll be you or me, so you just can't watch, i just can't watch. Of course freedom is subjective but i'm talking about basic civil rights, i'm talking about not being hunted for speaking bad about your government, for being homosexual, for looking diferent. I'm diferent and i'm going to defend my freedom to be it, to paint my nails in black, to paint my eyes, to be atheist and not being a zombie-like person who does not think by its own. I'm going to defend my freedom and speak out for komrades who are losing their freedom, i will defend it even with my life.

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