Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm back... once again

Hi there! it's been a long time, glad to be around once more :)

I wish i could say i haven't posted here because i was busy but that would be a lie. Yes, i've been working [as always] but work didn't stop me from posting before nor will in the future. Though i gotta say somehow i've been busy: thinking. That's a problem, i do think a lot but i don't do anything, that's my biggest flaw.

Anyway, i've been down lately, i want to do something different with my life, i want another job, i'm tired of some things, lack of money gets frustrating and i'm alone, i mean i have friends but no girlfriend :( I know instead of whinning i should be doing something and that's what i'm doing... kinda, i try at least. That's the frustrating part, i try but i don't succeed. Again, i think and i know if i keep trying eventually i'll get something. You see, when you try you may either fail or succeed, but if you don't try you will never know, you lose nothing trying, instead you lose a lot taking a seat and doing nothing.

So, for the sake of trying, i want to get an online job, well as many as i can get, that will guarantee a decent income. And i'm doing something about it, so far no results but i repeat i'm trying. Also, i want a girlfriend, i could get one easy if i want but there's a catch: i don't want a girl to make love, i want a girl to love. Basically it's the same thing, in mature relationships sex and love come together but for me sex without love just feels wrong [i'm not a dog just wanting to fuck and satisfying that instinct] and love without sex in the end doesn't work, i mean i need sex, all animals do, but satisfying that need with a person you love and care about it feels very very awesome. Still there's something else, i want a nice and honest girl, one wise to know actions have consequences and mature enough to face those consequences if needed, an open-mind girl who thinks for herself, some cold in her heart will be great, a frozen heart even better :)

I have to announce week summaries are gone, i will be posting as needed or required. That's my new policy: doing/buying/saying... things as required. Also i want to put some things in motion, related to people close to me, nothing bad for the record, but things that need to be done, besides it seems i'm the only person willing to do something about it so i must deal with that. I'll post any progress... as needed :)

Last september 9 was my 28th birthday, congrats to me, one year older :) Well it comes a time where you want to settle and that time has came for me: i want to build a home, not the infrastructure but the family, i want a woman to live with [implicating also to love, respect, share my dreams and build a future together], i don't want childrens, not of my own at least, we could adopt a little boy or girl. But building a home/family is not easy, not so much because the economic challenge but because the person you will choose to live/love. Notice i won't get married, getting married is a religion thing and i don't need it, though married people earns rights and social benefits, still i don't need it.

Anyway, it feels good to be back, i should be coming more often, i mean this is the only place where i can actually be myself, so i'll be hanging around often :)

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