Monday, July 1, 2013

Summary 25/26-13

Hi there! it's been 2 weeks since last summary. It seems summaries have no meaning now but still have. These summaries are [or should be] logs. Logs of what? my life, everything i do, everything i think, everything i love and hate, everything about me and my different personality. So i'm going to take it more seriously, i mean it!!!

Nothing special happened in this time. I've been working, doing some exercises [focus on some] and spending time with my PC Liza. BTW Liza sounds better now, i'm building a customized 5.1 sound system. So far i have 4 speakers [2 front and 2 rear] and one bass/subwoofer, it actually sounds great :D I'm just missing central speakers, i'm waiting because i want to get a hardass badass central speaker and i know i can get it or even build it, i don't have the skill but i can learn it, so...

More about Liza, not her directly but it's all about her now :P I have a more secure network. How i managed that? i won't mention it because of security. Still, it's not a total secure network but for now it should work. I'm planning on setting up my own firewall, dedicating a PC to that purpose, but first things first: i gotta build my gaming PC.

For now i'm taking exercises more serious too, i kinda left doing exercises, i always had discipline but i'm lacking of it now. I'm actually lacking/missing some aspects of my personality, like discipline, control, routinary-living, obsession about cleaning/ordering my space. I need to get these things back, i need them back and i'm going to bring them back :)

To finish a song i discovered last week, it's actually kinda crazy and suits me, enjoy it!

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