Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summary 22/23/24-13

Hi there! it's been quite a while since i post a weekly summary, 2 to be exact, it feels great to be back again :)

I have no reason to explain why i missed 2 summaries, this is my space after all, being narcissist and egocentric i think i don't owe any explanation nor excuse, but even being this way i feel i must say something about it. Short answer: i've been down. Long answer: i'm very dissapointed at myself [figures that *rolls eyes*] and i'm very dissapointed of people in general. It's been almost 4 years since i discovered and acknowledged i'm narcissist, but also in this time i realized i'm not narcissist as other people are, not a bit. People are very egocentric and in fact just care about themselves, even when they say the opposite, the more they oppose the more selfish they are. Yes, i'm dissapointed at people and also mad at them x_X

As for my life, everything is normal, just working and spending time with my PC Liza. Ziva is inactive in this moment, that's good because she'll be very busy soon, there are tests to do after all :P Now i'm getting ready an ATX case for my gaming PC, which i'm going to finish building any time, i just need a CPU.

About working, i actually have 2 half-time jobs, next month i'm quitting one of them. Why? 'cause i'm tired of my lady boss, i'm fucking tired of her and her religious shit, i just can't stand it anymore. She does not say anything to me, she just talk about religion everytime, i repeat not to me directly but i just got tired of her religious bullshit, period!!!

Again about work, since i'm leaving a [half-time] job of mine, i'll start a new one, but this time i'll be my own boss. I'll be working half-time also, doing what? well doing something i love to do: giving maintenance to computers, both software and hardware, i even could do it for free but i need to pay the bills you know. I hope succeeding in this new quest of mine, of course i'll work hard to make it succeed :)

This week i wrote a short post about E3 show, which is all about videogames, it was awesome, check it out here.

I have to say i won't be using some online services, they're great services but i just don't need them anymore. I won't be using Grooveshark anymore. Main reason for doing that is i'm not social, i never was and i will never be. And i'm also concerned about security, i mean personnel data these social sites handle. Grooveshark is not the only one, i won't be using other services, though i won't mention which ones, for security i won't mention them ;)

Since i'm not using some online services, either to discover content [music, video, movies, videogames, etc] neither to share my own content nor ideas or thoughts, everything i post/publish will be through this blog, my room [moja komnata] is the only place where i can be myself after all.

To finish, i'm changing some things in my life, leaving away some "friends" and some things i used to like. I'm making more enjoyable the quest of my life and i'm liking it so far :)

Yes you read that, leave me alone! you selfish people, go away!

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