Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shorty on E3

If you're really a gamer you know E3 was running this week and you surely followed all the news about new games and next-gen consoles. If you're not a gamer get lost :)

I watched several videos about new games, demos, trailers, new consoles features and more. Everything is exciting to me, this is the kind of things i love, totally! I followed all E3 coverage on Gamespot, i enjoyed myself a lot, as many people said "this is a great year for gamers" and i agree with that, so many games, innovative gameplay and new consoles [though i'm a PC gamer and i care shit about consoles, i just don't want a console being more powerful than the gaming PC i'm building now].

I'm really excited about new games, new game engines and new gameplay. Not so much about social gaming, i'm not social anyway.

Game well my komrade :)

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