Sunday, May 26, 2013

The newcomer

Last december i was looking for a motherboard/processor/memory ram combo, which i found but that time i didn't have money to afford it [actually i had but bills don't pay themselves you know]. The thing is last friday i bought it, it costed me $ 50.00 and that same day i build it, well not entirely, i finished building it yesterday and today i did some last touches.

This new computer of mine is actually old hardware, i will be using it for testing GNU/Linux distros [either live or installed] and for doing computer maintenance [and other tests, i like doing tests :)]. Besides i wanted a saving energy computer, i don't need extra power to chat or search/surf in the web.

I named this computer Živa, i think it suits pretty well, i mean she's "still alive" :P Živa's specs are the following: motherboard MSI 865GVM2-LS, processor Pentium IV 3.0 GHz HT [though hyperthreading is disabled to save energy and avoid overheating], memory ram 1 GB DDR 2100, running Slax Linux in 4 GB USB memory.

I've been using Živa today and so far it works good, though sometimes it's laggy but that's because of running a live OS and slow memory ram, it's not the same memory DDR1 [266 MHz] as DDR3 [1,333 MHz as used in Liza], it's a huge difference. Anyway, i'm happy with Živa, i always wanted a Pentium IV HT and now i have it, a lot later but i do have it now and that my komrades is great :D

A bit memory hungry for a live OS, oh Chrome is running, i forgot :P

Živa fits well there, pretty convenient!

Živa: the nudist computer, she's not ashamed of showing her circuits ;)

I still have work to do, i mean i'll put a memory card reader and an optical drive, and sata cables [data and power] ready to plug for any hard drive to repair or run. I was thinking of leaving her always open but i noticed [it's more than obvious, duh!!!] it gets hot, it does not cool as it will do it being covered so i may have to cover, maybe.

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