Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summary 21-2013

Hi there! here's another weekly summary of mine.

Let's start with this week's post [finally a post, yeayyy! :P]:
-The newcomer, my second computer, it's actually old hardware but i'm glad with her :D

Big thing this week was finally building my second computer Živa, i thought of naming her Slaxy but i'm not just using Slax Linux but also another distros. Anyway, it's not totally built, i still have some work to do, actually a lot, it doesn't even have a power on switch, i turn it on manually... with a key!!! lol

Changing of subject [actually of computer :P], Liza is disabled now, not herself but her battery UPS, its internal battery has failed/died/commited suicide and i have to replace it. I expect being able to replace it, otherwise i'll have to buy another one. Either way, Liza is suspended until further notice. I like to think she's taking a pretty deserved vacation :)

As you may know, i'm building a gaming computer, i just need 2 parts to finish it: processor and memory ram. These 2 parts are expensive, so i decided to just buy the processor and use Liza's memory for a while, at least until i buy [heatsinked] memory for my gaming PC, 'till then Liza will be in vacation, once again :P As for the processor, i want one with a lot of raw power, i don't care about features, i care only about power. So i may buy a Phenom II x4 or a FX 4300, 6300 or even 8320, i will get the best my budget can buy, perhaps next month, perhaps.

To finish, here it's a song from Belinda, i like its lyrics, kinda sad but it's catchy, enjoy!

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