Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summary 20-2013

Hi there! here's another weekly summary of mine, again no posts this week.

Nothing big this week, though i went to a rock metal concert for the first time in my life. That was last friday, it was quite something, but some something i won't be having again. I just realized i don't like metal, at least not local not famous groups. And i don't like the environment in these concerts, it just isn't my thing.

Something great this week it's the fact i started modding my old full tower ATX case, this one will be used for my gaming only computer. BTW i'm thinking which it's going to be her name, suggestions? Anyway, this old case it's made of cheap metal, i'm thinking of how reinforce it, i may have to ask for help in this matter.

It looks horrible now but when i finish it's going to look awesome :D

Moving to a really nice thing, today i finally set up my display on the wall, a friend of mine helped me making the holes on the wall. The resulting work is really great, now i have my display on the wall, i can turn it left or right as desired thanks to the moving arm, besides i have more room for my stuff, my Barbie princess and her 'special' friend are happy with that lol

I feel proud and happy of my work, just look!

New desktop set up, more room, it looks nice, i love it!

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