Monday, May 13, 2013

Summary 19-2013

Hi there! here's another weekly summary of mine.

So, no post this week again. My social life is dying and my gaming life is growing up, though i did something to get, let's say, some balance. Last caturday [i mean saturday :P] removed graphic card from my computer, so no more gaming. I also removed hard disk where windows 7 lives, i'm not going to use both until i build my gaming PC.

Vladof, the big fat modder [sarcasm :(]

Since i'm not using Liza for gaming [at least not for now, you know how unpredictable i am *roll eyes*] i tweaked BIOS options a little. I mean i deactivated hyperthreading and i slowed down memory ram speed from 1333 Mhz to 800 Mhz, i'm not going to use that power anyway.

I got some new stuff and i'm talking about good stuff :D I got a lcd mount for my display, obviously and i got a nice very cute thing: a matrjoshka doll. Take a look:
looking pretty and sexy, a great combo

In FLISOL 2013 i got some new stickers, here's Liza wearing them:
stickers just make her look even prettier

To finish, a song i just met yesterday, it has a lot of energy and is fun too, enjoy:

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