Monday, May 6, 2013

Summary 18-2013

Hi there! here it is another weekly summary of mine... again with no posts to post, get the redundance? no? anyway... :P

I continue playing Dragon Age Origins a lot, i'm almost near the finish [meaning over 10 hours of gameplay lol]. Whatever, i'm having a lot of fun, i'm enjoying this playthrough as an elf witch, i mean elf mage, it's just awesome.

As for my life, nothing extraordinary has happened. Though as you may know i do exercises and now i'm doing even more, i mean i will be doing in morning and afternoon from monday to friday. Although i expect my body takes that, i will have to overclock my hardware lol

One last note, since i use Raptr to get my gameplay tracked i never achieved 200 hours in any game [at least recorded by Raptr], till now. This honour is for Dragon Age Origings, i know for hardcore gamers that's nothing but i'm having my moment of glory so be quiet please x_X

here's the deed and i feel proud of it :D

suddenly i want to be a gardener :P

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