Monday, April 29, 2013

Summary 16/17-2013

Hi there! here is a special weekly summary of mine, it's not just one but two ;)
I've been away from this space of mine, i don't have to give excuses but i've been kinda lazy, besides i've been gaming a lot :P that's probably the big cause, blame Dragon Age Origins *rolls eyes*
Something big this week was FLISOL 2013, i was part of it, i enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun, i met people and i geek around, yeah!
As i said, i've been playing Dragon Age Origins, which is a great game, i don't like fantasy that much [i rather science fiction] but this game is an exception. It's just great in almost everything.
This lady demon of desire can possess me whenever she desires lol
I still have things to do about my dear computer, and the future ones too, like making ready my 2 PC cases. I have to paint a furniture of mine. I have to finish my current DAO playthrough lol and some things else. I'll be updating these stuff and several others, later ;)

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