Monday, April 15, 2013

Summary 15-2013

Hi there! here i go with another weekly summary of mine, a little late but i'm doing it.

Nothing out of order this week, just i've been gaming a lot and i love it. I'm playing Dragon Age Origins as a lady elf mage, it's my red side reflected/mirrored on her, i'm enjoying it a lot, guess who's a blood mage? :P I shall be uploading some screenshots.

As you know, i bought a nice and powerful motherboard, i cannot wait to get this beauty processing so i'm already taking care of it, i mean i'm getting ready what's going to be its case. It's my former case, which is not so good, i mean it's cheap metal, but i'm modding in order to make it more solid and to make it look the way i want :D Also i'm deciding about what CPU and memory ram i'm going to get, this is an important decission so i'm taking some time deciding... and saving money to get them lol

Next saturday is FLISOL here in Nicaragua, this is an event about knowing, installing and enjoying free open source software and GNU/Linux distros. This event takes place in all Latin America so in effect it's huge, i'll be part of it, i hope helping somehow, if not i'll be walking around, learning and knowing people who use and embrace free software.

Last week new video of PSY [the guy behind the super popular song Gangnam Style] released a new song, i like it, though he's mean to woman in the video, i don't like that, anyway here's the video:

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