Sunday, April 7, 2013

Summary 14-2013

Hi there! here is another weekly summary of mine.

Just last week i didn't write any post, i've been kinda lazy or nothing special happened whatsoever. Though i could write about some things but i didn't.

Anyway, as you know 2 weeks ago i installed again my graphic card after modding it [i put 2 fans on it lol]. The thing is i couldn't use my openSUSE 'cause of the Tumbleweed repository, as far as i know it's not recommended when you use dedicated graphic cards because the constant updating. Therefore i installed a new fresh openSUSE, i could just changed the repositories and upgrading/downgrading packages but it seemed a lot of work, plus i really wanted a fresh installation. BTW i had some troubles doing it, i should be posting about it, i should :P

Today i got new hardware: a nice wireless mouse and keyboard, they are sold separately but they have the same theme/artwork, and the nicest thing i ever had in my hands: a motherboard, i mean a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3, it has all i want in a motherboard, though i'm not using it yet, i still have to buy a processor and memory ram, it's an investment i'll be enjoying soon :D

Here are some pictures of my new hardware:
it's so cool, isn't it?

nothing like writing with stlye :P

i love how they look together, so nice!

from whatever you see it, they look cool!

i gotta say i'm in loved, deeply in loved!

just look how many slots got this beauty ♥♥♥

This weekend i've been listening to Ke$ha, i like her, she's so pretty, here a song i like very much, enjoy!

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