Monday, April 1, 2013

Summary 13-2013

Howdy! kinda late but here it's another weekly summary of mine :)

I wrote no post this week, i was kinda lazy, besides i had some short vacations, which started last wednesday after noon and finished yesterday, today i got back at work. So i spend that short vacations having fun, playing some videogames and hanging out with my neighbours.

Nothing out of normal happened this week, well actually a lot, but not extraordinary. Though i had some short vacations, i went to visit a friend of mine [some vodka drinking included :P], i "swam" in a inflatable pool [i think it's said that way, not sure but you get the idea], also daughter of a lady friend of mine celebrated her 4th birthday and i assisted, it was actually fun.

This week promises to be better, more hangouts, go-outs and surely more fun. I'm counting on it ;)

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