Saturday, April 27, 2013


Today was FLISOL 2013 here in Managua. FLISOL stands for "Festival Latinoamericano de Instalacion de Software Libre", an event about knowing, showing, installing and enjoying free open source software.

It was special because i was participating in the event, i mean i was in openSUSE stand with a komrade i just knew a couple of weeks and this morning i finally met him. In this stand we sold several openSUSE's installation and live disks, actually we sold all of them. We also had some brochures, we quickly gave them away, in the end i had to copy a PDF brochure to the komrades who visited us and openSUSE's ISO images in their USB memories.

I gotta say, despite we didn't get organized well because of time, we did a good job. This was a good lesson for us though, gave us some experience, we made mistakes i know but we won't do them again.

Anyway, here are some pics, take a look:
My mini in our, also mini, stand :P

My komrade took some Linux magazines :D

Ubuntu stand was next us

My komrade and his cool t-shirt!

A lady friend of mine not wanting to be in this pic, did she finger me? lol

Nothing big nor great, just me :P

Rocking the house!

A very "bussy" stand

I like the "scars" on this laptop :P

Best t-shirt in FLISOL 2013, it's just gorgeus! --> purple one

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