Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week summary 09-2013

One day later but here it is another weekly summary of mine.

Let's start with this week post:
-Red age, basically i'm nuts lol

As you can see i'm writing this summary one day later, that's why because i normally write it saturday nights but yesterday i went out so i wasn't able to do it yesterday. Still i'm writing it now so there's no harm done.

Speaking of going out, yesterday i did something i've never done, i went to party, not because someone invited me but because i wanted to. I went with a lady friend of mine and we had a lot of fun. We sang, we drank beers and of course we danced, it was very great. You know, i'm not the kind of guy who go to parties but i'll be doing it more often, it doesn't seem so but i like dancing but mostly i like having fun.

Since i'll be going out saturdays [and probably the whole weekend] i will be posting weekly summary with 2-3 days of difference, or probably fridays, we'll see. The idea is continue summarizing my week.

Here it's a song i discovered recently on Grooveshark, enjoy!

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