Monday, March 25, 2013

Summary 12-2013

Howdy! here i am with another weekly summary of mine ;)

Let's start with this week's posts:
-IntallFest uninstalled, no Linux distro was installed but we all learnt a bit more about Linux
-Document Freedom Day, an international event about open formats

Today i brought to life my graphic card, an EVGA Geforce GT 545, last time it overheated and system shutdown. Now i put it 2 fans, a crazy idea/solution if you ask me but it seems to work. At least 'till now.

Now, i face a big decision. Either building an only gaming PC and leave my current PC Liza for dayly tasks. Or buying a tablet for internet surfing and leaving Liza just for gaming [and some power demanding tasks]. A hard choice if you ask me. Though i guess i'm going for the former, we'll see.

You know, it's been 3 months now since my exgirlfriend left me. I still don't forget her but it's not like it was before. I think and feel i'm done with her and now it's time to give love another chance, though this time i'll be more careful and i'm not giving my heart away to any girl: if they want my love, they'll have to try hard to get it :)

Here some random pictures:
this is a new friend of mine, so cute! :P

Mario finally got his princess, it's Barbie not Peach ^.^

Liza looks badass with all those stickers, she likes it ;)

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