Sunday, March 17, 2013

Summary 11-2013

Here i am with another weekly summary of mine ;)

Let's start with this week's posts:
-Chakring, i found this Linux distro, i like it's a KDE desktop centric distro.
-Housing, a slideshow of David Guetta's concert here in Nicaragua, it was really fun, i enjoyed it :D
-Some software updates, a little about openSUSE's new release, i'm sticking just to KDE desktop and i don't need a local music player anymore.

This week was normal. The most great thing was going to David Guetta's concert, it was awesome. First time i go to a concert of this level, i feel great about it.

You know, it's almost 3 months since i started doing excercises, yesterday i saw myself in mirror and i noticed how my body has changed, now i got bigger arms and my abs start getting shape hehe i'm very happy about it :D

Also, it's almost 3 months since my exgirlfriend left me, i don't feel ready yet to start another relationship, i will take as much time as needed and required. As a lady friend of mine says when a relationship gets to its end, it's better taking some time before getting into another one, like a time of duel, it makes sense.

Here a song i like very much, enjoy it:

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