Saturday, March 9, 2013

Summary 10-2013

Here i am, with another weekly summary of mine.

Let's start with this week's posts:
-A matter of birds, my first impressions about Thunderbird
-Rolling, how i have an always updated and stable openSUSE

So, this week i started doing exercises every day, from monday to friday. It's kinda hard but if you know me you should know i like hardcore way lol

As you know i'm a gamer, but i'm not able to play videogames because my graphic card is on forced vacations [after a technical problem lol]. So i haven't gamed for almost 2 months now, i'm in a lot of pain hahaha but seriously i miss gaming a lot, but i should be fixing that soon, when i build my [only] gaming pc.

You know, new openSUSE 12.3 will be released in 3 days, i'm excited about it, about new features and updates. I tested the beta 1 and it was just wonderful, i bet final release will be even better.

To finish a video of a song i love SO much, it means a lot to me:

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