Saturday, March 16, 2013

Some software updates

So last openSuse release 12.3 was launched 2 days ago, i have it now on my computer Liza. Upgrading from Tumbleweed repo was easy, there were minor problems with some dependencies but nothing big. New theme for KDE desktop is really great, i like it, new apps updated is also great. It runs good and stable as always. Thank you so much openSuse ;)

It's been over one year since i started using XFCE, a lightweight desktop environment. I like it you know, but i just felt in love with KDE desktop and i want to use it in all my computers. In my desktop computer i use KDE but in my [adopted] mini laptop i use XFCE because it doesn't demmand lots of resources. Anyway, i'm changing that, now i'll use KDE even in my little laptop. Plasma Netbook [KDE for small screen devices] seems cool, besides i got used to KDE.

In other news, i'm using just Grooveshark for playing music over a month now [equally i have the same time of not using a local music player], it's really a great web app, i like it. Besides i got access to much more music than i have in my hard disk. Here, i can favorite music, make playlists, follow artists or Groovesharks users [even their custom playlists]. Besides i get access to my music collection from any computer with internet.

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