Saturday, March 9, 2013


In openSUSE there is, let's say, an option to always have latest new packages/applications version, this is done by using Tumbleweed repos, which provides a rolling updates version of openSUSE containing the latest stable versions of all software instead of relying on rigid periodic release cycles. The project does this for users that want the newest, but stable software..

This way i should have all my apps updated constantly without the need of version changing. I'm using Tumbleweed on my main PC Liza and leaving [at least for now] periodic releases for my mini laptop Mila.

I gotta say i had some problems but mostly because i had activated some extra repos [like KDE Extra repo]. Some packages were downgraded in order to get other upgraded, those downgraded packages were upgraded eventually too. It took me some time to get things in order *rolls eyes* I guess if you're going to use Tumbleweed you should activate the repos after a fresh install of openSUSE, at least that's my opinion, that way you avoid some problems and save time at the same time :P

Anyway, i have my openSUSE updated, still i decide when and what to update, of course some updates are mandatory ['cause of dependencies]. BTW openSUSE 12.3 is scheduled to be released in 3 days, i'm so excited! :D

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