Tuesday, March 12, 2013


As you know i use openSUSE, i have a lot of time using it. I like it very much, it's pretty stable and works great. So i didn't want to try another Linux distro because i was happy with it, it's true i also use Slax but not as main OS, but as a portable one.

I'm still happy with openSUSE but i don't like the fact of not having a pure desktop environment, i mean either KDE or XFCE use some GNOME dependencies. And i don't like GNOME at all [long story], so i don't want to have its packages/libraries/dependencies.

Reading Distrowatch webpage, i discover about a Linux distro that focus on having a pure KDE/Qt environment, so i decided to give it a try. This distro is Chakra, originary from Germany and it only uses KDE desktop, an approach i like very much.

I wasn't sure about testing Chakra in a virtual machine so i installed it in my second hard drive to really test all its features and performance. Installation was easy and actually fast, not over 10 minutes, though i gotta say installer miss a few features, like automatic resizing/formating the hard drive or choose the packages you want to install, but still does a good job.

At first start i noticed system starts fast, faster than openSUSE anyway. Some packages were missing like KCalc and Ktorrent, but i installed them through pacman, which works in command line [so no graphical software management, at least for now]. It has preinstalled a lot of packages though, like office suite [Calligra], internet tools [web browser, instant messaging], graphic editors [Calligra again] and some useful and must-have applications. For GTK apps it uses a Bundle Manager, i'm not sure how it works yet but it lets you use apps outside KDE environment like Firefox, Chromium, audacity, GIMP and others.

Last Chakra release uses KDE 4.10.1, it looks great and works great. I also have to mention it uses a half rolling update system, so most packages gets updated to the very last stable version, i like that.

If you ask me how i feel with Chakra, i will say i feel comfortable, i like a pure KDE environment, it's stable and works great. It's simple and easy to configure, i actually like it :D

Here a screenshot of main virtual desktop:

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