Monday, March 4, 2013

A matter of birds

There was a time when i had two birds in my life: Twitter and Nightingale [i used Songbird before but i stick to Nightingale]. Now i just have one, one was replaced with a shark called Grooveshark and the blue bird called Twitter stays with me. Well, it's not only one now, not anymore.

I always heard about Thunderbird, developped by the same guys who do Firefox, so i decided to gave it a try, after all i have a lot of email accounts.

As you probably know Thunderbird is a email client, where you can have several accounts in one same place, that's handy when you got several accounts as i do. Also it can be used as a feed reader and new version also includes a chat client, apparently it just only support a given number of clients/services but i think it's a good new feature [again i'm trying it until now so i don't know since when this chat feature is available].

In my experience i find it very useful, i don't have to open the main page of a service to enter, to open an account i don't have to close another one. I know Gmail supports multi-signing in [or something like that] but i don't like it, so i rather having an email client. It supports address book, chat, tagging, tabs, spell check [though i don't like any program do that for me x_X], search... i'm sure it has more features, i'm still trying so...

To finish, so far i like it, it makes reading, replying and sending email easier, not to mention i have all my accounts in one place. If i keep it, i'll let you know, if i don't keep i'll let you know too, trust me.

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